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T. H. Rose is the author of the illustrated children's books Emily & Peck, and the short story Hugs, Alongside writing and publishing her children's books, T. H Rose has published her first dark romance novel within her first series, The shattered hearts series, Which is featured in a crossover with a good friend and author, C.A. Michaels and her series, the awakening series. Starting her writing journey in 2016 with the hope it would stop the growing voices in her head. T. H. Rose started and saved a lot of books before settling and finishing her first novel and short children's books. The coffee addicted writer lives in England with her partner and three children juggling life as a parent, partner and writer is hectic, but she would not change a single second of it. 

The Latest from T.H. Rose

Addicted to the Devil

WARNING: Video contains flashing lights and graphic violence.


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